Accountability in the Digital Space



The digital landscape is rapidly evolving and highly competitive. In an effort to win business many digital vendors offer programs that deliver huge impressions at very low CPM’s. Although the impressions are delivered, most are not viewed by human eyes.


We have observed from our 3rd party reporting, a significant portion of impressions on a campaign are symptomatic of outlier or non-human activity and or are not viewable.

In some cases we have found that only 1/3 of the reported impressions served were viewable.


Engage our own 3rd party for verification on all digital activity.

We filter out impressions that we deem to be non-human or that exhibit behavior of “high frequency” fraud. We also hold vendors accountable to a certain % of viewable impressions. Usually around the 75-80% range.


A recent video campaign first started to run, and the actual Viewability was only 14%.

We immediately contacted the vendor who made up the impressions. In addition they agreed to follow our third party verification as well as instituting their own new fraud guidelines on our campaigns. The client only paid for 100% viewable impressions as purchased.