PPC Services

Over the years, we have found that Pay Per Click advertising is very advantageous when it comes to growing a company’s online visibility and doing so quickly. These services, also known as PPC services, allow a company to designate a monthly budget in regards to the monetary value of clicks performed on their online ads. PPC gives you flexibility in what you advertise, how you advertise is, where it’s placed, when it runs and much more. This gives you total control on which audience you try to target and allows us to research what the best route is so we can get the most qualified conversions.

While we are focused on getting qualified conversions, we are very budget conscious and avoid burning through budget just to get any conversions that we can. While we manage the PPC services, we work with our partner agency, Native Rank (www.nativerank.com) to ensure paid search services is deployed to the proper audiences and optimized daily so more qualified leads are making their way to your site. We do this by researching what types of campaigns, copy, images, etc work and don’t work and moving forward with what is best performing. Rather than just throwing up ads and running campaigns to meet the budget, we are very detailed in what campaigns we run and how your budget is being spent so you always understand where your money is going and how we make it work for you. You can be confident that you are getting qualified conversions for the investment you’re making which helps us better understand what future adjustments to make.

There are many things that can be done when it comes to Pay Per Click advertising. If you feel your business needs an extra boost, contact us to get started! We’ll happily outline the best strategy for you and your budget.