Digital Media Buying Agency

If you’re wondering whether we handle it, the answer is probably yes, and all in-house. We are neither just a digital media buying agency nor just a traditional media buying agency…we’re an integrated media buying agency serving all mediums and markets nationwide.

Our media buying organization is full of seasoned professional media buyers and market specialists. Our buyers have an average of 12 years of experience and have worked at top agencies. That experience, coupled with the relationships our buyers have cultivated, is one way we secure the lowest rates possible for our clients.

Even with aggressive rates, our media buying services are still able to also garner meaningful added value – something we demand on all buys.

To assure the buys are “right”, we make sure that 100% of media buys placed by Revolution Media are done in-house. Because the client-side mentality is ingrained in our DNA, we carefully manage our buyers with an added step to our buying process – our buyers present the buys internally and we review them as if we are the client. We don’t just check that the buy meets the plan deliverables, we review buys as a client would, looking at each station/network, daypart, day, week – spot-by-spot. This doesn’t slow down turn-around time; rather, it speeds up the process because the buys are in sync with the client’s stated and implied goals, past just the numerical goals.