Lap Band

Direct Response Media

Lap Band


Lap Band needed to refresh their branding and to generate sustainable call volume to support physicians and clinics in specific metros throughout the United States.


Qualified candidates for the Lap Band procedure needed to meet a number of criteria (such as but not limited to):

  • Elevated Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Geographic proximity to physician and clinics that performed the procedure
  • Financial and insurance requirement


By using “Hybrid” TV, we identified specific programming and dayparts within each metro that generated favorable call volumes. By using Direct Response TV buying tactics we were able to keep costs low yet still were able to fix in spots to hit the target.

Daily call reports were analyzed against networks, programming, days and dayparts. Results were cross referenced with other media support and isolated to identify performance spikes, drops, consistencies and growth.


Within the first 6 weeks of the campaign, Lap Band exceeded expected call volume by 38% and continued to grow along with a consistent reduction in call cost. Through call tracking, analytics and optimization, to date, the cost per call has seen over an 80% decrease.