Pop Chips

Pop Chips


  • Drive awareness and social engagement around the Pop Chips Ridges launch
  • Promote “skinny chipping” creative showing the versatile usage of popchips but still staying healthy
  • Support in -filed activations in Atlanta, LA, Nashville, SLC and Seattle


  • Present Pop Chips as a healthy, tasty and satisfying snack
  • Target consumer is a young and diverse segment living a busy unpredictable lifestyle
  • Drive consumers into grocery to purchase


  • Leveraged primary research and 3rd party tools for strategic planning against target
  • Identify key triggers from digital research
  • Branding campaign executed a mix digital, social, streaming, video
  • Used Location based targeting via mobile ads delivered across all target markets driving in-store activations


  • The Skinny Chipping campaign delivered 175mm impressions
  • Over 6.9mm completed video views were recorded

Vendor reported 7% lift in in-store sales.